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Active Cases

These are a few of the cases in which the Rhode Island ACLU is currently involved:

Boyer v. Jeremiah

A class-action lawsuit charging that the state’s truancy court system is devoid of due process protections in violation of state and federal law, that the truancy courts are frequently punitive in nature, and that truancy court magistrates threaten vulnerable children and their parents with baseless fines and imprisonment, remove children from the custody of their parents without legal justification and fail to keep adequate records of court hearings.
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Cook v. Wall

A federal lawsuit alleging that correctional officials have engaged in a pattern of unconstitutional harassment against inmate Jason Cook after he publicly criticized Department of Corrections’ mail policies and sought legal assistance from the ACLU.
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Dowd v. Town of Narragansett


A lawsuit against the Town of Narragansett on behalf of three URI pharmacy graduate students who have received tickets for parking their cars overnight on their street even though they have a permit to do so.
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Gesmondi v. Rhode Island

A lawsuit challenging challenging the constitutionality of a state law that makes it a felony for any person required to register as a sex offender to reside within 300 feet of any school.
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Morales v. Chadbourne

A lawsuit on behalf of the Ada Morales, a North Providence resident who has twice been detained as a deportable “alien” even though she is a U.S. citizen. The lawsuit alleges that federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials and Rhode Island officials often bypass Constitutional requirements and safeguards when they detain individuals on immigration grounds.
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Phoenix Times Publishing Company v. Barrington School Committee

An Open Meetings Act (OMA) lawsuit against the Barrington School Committee for unlawfully meeting in closed session this past February to discuss the merits of instituting a mandatory breathalyzer policy for all students attending school dances.
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RIPAC v. Fine

This is a lawsuit in Superior Court against the state Department of Health (DOH) for making it more difficult for patients with debilitating medical conditions to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program. The suit was brought on behalf of the Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition, the Rhode Island Academy of Physician Assistants, Rhode Island Medical Society, and an individual whose application to participate in the medical marijuana program was denied by the DOH under the new policy.
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Thomas v. Flanders

This lawsuit charges that the Central Falls Receiver, Robert Flanders, Jr., has unlawfully delegated to an appointed hearing officer powers that are afforded only to him under the state law authorizing his appointment. The lawsuit also argues that the receiver’s actions are a violation of the open meetings law, the Financial Stability Act, and residents’ rights to due to process and to petition their government.
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