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Police Practices Court Cases

Everyone needs and deserves effective and humane law enforcement practices. Yet police misconduct continues to be a major concern, particularly in poor communities and communities of color.  The Rhode Island ACLU uses legal action to hold police departments accountable for their actions.

Brown v. Esserman. (2007-ongoing)

OPEN RECORDS/POLICE PRACTICES. Open records lawsuit seeking police department’s policies governing the use of video surveillance cameras in public street locations. Settlement negotiations are proceeding. Cooperating Attorney: Staci Kolb
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Pehrson v. Reynolds. (2008)

OPEN RECORDS/POLICE PRACTICES. Open records lawsuit challenging a police department’s refusal to release a copy of the arrest report of car passengers who may have been victims of racial profiling. A day after the suit was filed, the defendants turned over the requested documents. Cooperating Attorney: Gary Berkowitz
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Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) v. Gannon. (1995-2003)

OPEN RECORDS/POLICE MISCONDUCT. Open records suit against the Providence Police Department for refusing to release internal records of police brutality complaints. In 2003 the R.I. Supreme Court affirmed a lower court ruling that the records were public and, in a second appeal, an order requiring defendants to turn over the records at no cost and to pay attorneys’ fees. After lengthy negotiations, an award of attorneys’ fees was made. Cooperating Attorney: Dennis Grieco II
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