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Privacy Court Cases

Protecting privacy and personal information has always been important; but it is become even more crucial with increased technological capabilities to violate that right. The RI ACLU to use the courtroom to defend privacy in all its forms.

Simone v. The Town of Johnston (2009 - 2010)

A federal lawsuit against the Town of Johnston and police chief Richard Tamburini for illegally releasing the private drivers’ license information of a firefighter to a Town Councilman as part of a public dispute between the Council and the Fire Department.  Cooperating Attorney: James Kelleher
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In re: R.I. ACLU Complaint Against Verizon and AT&T. (2006-2008)

RIGHT TO PRIVACY. This is an administrative complaint filed with the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers, seeking an investigation as to whether the two phone companies violated state law by providing telephone customer information to the National Security Agency without either a warrant or notice to customers. The phone companies filed a motion to dismiss, and the parties agreed to a stay of proceedings pending a court decision in California in a case considering whether federal law preempts complaints such as this. As the result of passage of a federal law granting telecommunications companies immunity from suit for cooperating with the NSA, the complaint was voluntarily dismissed. Cooperating Attorney: John McConnell, Jr.
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Lanoue v. City of Woonsocket. (2002-2004)

PRIVACY. Federal lawsuit challenging a police department’s actions in strip-searching the plaintiff and leaving her naked in a holding cell for over five hours after being arrested for “driving under the influence.” The suit sought monetary damages and a court order declaring the police department’s conduct unconstitutional. The case was settled for $65,000 in damages. Cooperating Attorney: V. Edward Formisano
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see additional Privacy court cases:

Becker v. State of Rhode Island. (2008)

In re: Todd McElroy. (2006)

Arruda v. Town of Bristol. (2002-2003)

Privacy Cases Over the Years

Highlights from court cases since the early 1970s in each of the areas below:

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