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Court Cases Over the Years


Sexual relations between consenting individuals is one of the most fundamental and intimate of human interactions. Listed below are some of the cases in which the Affiliate has been involved over the years to protect this freedom:

1973: Doe v. Israel

Successful federal court challenge to state anti-abortion law that was passed immediately after the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision.

1980: Santos v. Brown

Representation in federal court of person convicted of violating state sodomy law prohibiting “the abominable and detestable crime against nature”; the defendant’s conviction was reversed on other grounds.

1984: Planned Parenthood v. Board of Medical Review

Successful challenge to state law requiring husbands to be notified before a woman could have an abortion.

1984. In re: Mark

Successful representation in Probate Court of cross-dresser initially denied permission to change his birth name to a unisex first name.

1986: Planned Parenthood v. Roberts

Successful federal court challenge to onerous “informed consent” and “parental consent” abortion statutes enacted by the General Assembly.

1986: Planned Parenthood v. Calderone

Successful federal challenge to law prohibiting health insurers from providing abortion coverage except as an optional rider at an additional premium.

1987: Field v. Field

“Friend of the court” brief filed in state Supreme Court against Family Court custody restrictions on a mother solely because of her sexual orientation; the case was settled by the parties before oral argument.

1988: Parrillo v. Parrillo

R.I. Supreme Court appeal filed on behalf of mother barred by Family Court from allowing her boyfriend to stay overnight when her children were present.

1994: State v. Quitevis

Defense representation of a person charged with “loitering for indecent purposes” after being entrapped by police.

1995: State v. Lopes

“Friend of the court” brief in RI Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of “abominable and detestable crime against nature” statute; the Court upheld the statute.

1998: Rhode Island Medical Society v. Pine

Successful federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a law banning so-called “partial birth abortions.”

2001: State v. Waweru, Andino and Hollenbeck

Successful criminal defense representation of three exotic dancers charged with disorderly conduct after police raided a private bachelor party at which they were performing.

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