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2012 Events

Annual Dinner Celebration - November 8th

On Thursday, November 8th, Rhode Island ACLU members and friends gathered at the historic Biltmore hotel in downtown Providence for the annual dinner meeting.  The ACLU awarded volunteer attorney with the "William G. McLoughlin First Amendment Award" and honored state Senator Rhoda Perry as the "Raymond J. Pettine Civil Libertarian of the Year." The guest speaker, Michael W. Macleod-Ball, ACLU Washington Legislative Office Chief of Staff and First Amendment counsel, delivered a speech calling the 2012 election a "watershed" moment for civil liberties in America.



Annual Banned Books Event - October 1st

Every year, the ACLU cooperates with a Rhode Island library to draw attention to the importance of fighting censorship and to celebrate our freedom to read during National Banned Books Week. In celebrating the freedom of expression, Banned Books Week also highlights the important role of libraries as one of the nation's great democratic institutions. This year, we teamed up with the East Providence Public Library to bring attention to this important issue.  Rhode Island authors Hester Kaplan (Kinship Theory; The Edge of Marriage); Janet Taylor Lisle (Highway Cats; The Art of Keeping Cool; Black Duck); Roland Merullo (Golfing with God; Breakfast with Buddha); Taylor Polites (The Rebel Wife); ProJo reviewer Sam Coale and former ProJo Books editor Doug Riggs read from some of their favorite banned books.



"The Loving Story" - September 18th


The Cable Car was a full house for a screening of “The Loving Story,” an award-winning HBO documentary about an interracial couple arrested for miscegenation in 1958 and exiled from Virginia. With the help of the ACLU, Mildred and Richard Loving took their case all the way to the Supreme Court, and in 1967 the court struck down this discriminatory law across the nation. The film also provided a parallel to contemporary issues of marriage equality.

Annual Legislative Wrap-Up and Dessert Evening- July 25th

Legislators, members, and friends gathered to attend a panel discussion with Rhode Island ACLU Affiliate Policy Associate Hillary Davis, Representative Edie Ajello, and Senator Rhoda Perry.  Panel participants led a discussion about this year's legislative session and took questions from the crowd.  An array of desserts was donated by local businesses.



Pride Fest - June 16th

In 1976, the RI ACLU took on the case Toward a Gayer Bicentennial Committee v. McQueeney after Providence police denied a permit for a gay pride parade. As a result of the lawsuit, a federal judge issued a restraining order allowing the state’s first gay pride parade to proceed. 2012 marked the 36th year this celebration has occurred!


Young Professionals' Trivia Night - May 31st

The Rhode Island ACLU hosted a trivia night for young professionals on May 31st.  Teams competed through two rounds of general trivia, two rounds of civil liberties trivia, and two "final death" questions.  The competition was fierce, and everyone had a great time.



Unite Against the War on Women Rally - April 28th

The Affiliate participated in a rally to raise awareness and to raise momentum for women's issues in Rhode Island and nationwide.  The RI ACLU provided people with information about current legislative topics of interest, housing discrimination of domestic violence victims, the ACLU's Women's Rights Project, our work surrounding reproductive freedom, and a history of Rhode Island ACLU cases having to do with sex discrimination and other women's issues.


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