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"Being a member of the ACLU gives me the opportunity to have a voice on issues that I care about, but have little opportunity to impact as one person -- like the rights of detainees held illegally and indefinitely, and the right of immigrants to fair and humane treatment."

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"I joined the ACLU because I wanted to take a more active role in advocating for the causes that are most important to me, including voting rights, privacy and LGBT equality. There is no other organization on Brown’s campus whose primary mission is to protect and defend the civil liberties of its students and of Rhode Islanders."

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“I had sworn an oath as a military officer to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” I believe that my involvement with the ACLU continues to fulfill that patriotic oath.”

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“Each civil rights violation is threat to all minority group members if allowed to stand.  Unless you're the very privileged, and sometimes even then, the ACLU is there for you, and needs your support.”

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"There is no organization quite like the ACLU; the ACLU stands alone in its concern for so many of the issues that matter to me, its ability to act on the national, state, and local level, and its multifaceted approach to defending civil liberties. I am proud to be a card-carrying member of the Rhode Island ACLU."

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“A country proclaiming that its people have the freedom to speak their minds and to meet peacefully with anyone they wish, that the practice of religion is each citizen’s choice, that unreasonable searches and arrests are not permitted, and that equal protection of the law is required for all of its citizens has its heart in the right place.  But that heart needs to be protected.”

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“I am an Arab-American, and because of where I’ve been, and all the injustices that I have witnessed, I can tell you directly--I will not stand by as people are denied their basic human freedoms. I am honored to be a part of the ACLU because they help me prepare to fight the battle I intend to wage against violators of civil liberties.”

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"I encourage people to become a card carrying member of the ACLU because members are the strength behind the work of the organization.  In addition to receiving newsletters and advanced notice of events, it’s exciting to be a part of a historic organization that is on the front lines of defending our Constitutional freedoms every single day."

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“When you are seeking to vindicate a civil right or civil liberty, the result you seek to achieve typically has far reaching consequences beyond the litigants involved—not just in the here and now but also for our posterity.  It is both challenging and rewarding.  Try it.  You may also become hooked.”

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