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2004 News Releases

December 20, 2004 -- Providence Police Obtain Training Funds on Breaking Up “Civil Actions,” ACLU Reveals

December 16, 2004 -- ACLU Criticizes Warwick Public Safety Order Barring Hip-Hop Music

November 18, 2004 -- ACLU Challenges Limits on Participation in Ballot Referenda Campaigns

November 15, 2004 -- Judge Rules Unconstitutional Cranston Holiday Display Policy, But Upholds Display

November 2, 2004 -- State Settles ACLU “Provisional Ballot” Lawsuit; Ballots of Voters Without ID Will Be Counted

November 1, 2004 -- ACLU Files Suit Over Fate of Provisional Ballots

October 29, 2004 -- ACLU Demands Change in State Voting Policy that May Disqualify Hundreds of Valid Ballots

October 21, 2004 -- ACLU Condemns Proposed Searches of Voters at Polling Booth

September 21, 2004 -- ACLU Calls on Local Hospitals to Reject Federal Funding that Targets Undocumented Immigrants

September 16, 2004 -- Court Order Declares Lincoln School Committee Election a “Nullity”

September 14, 2004 -- ACLU Asks Court to Void Lincoln School Committee “Preliminary” Election

September 8, 2004 -- ACLU Calls on Rhode Island College to Immediately Revise “Hate Speech” Policies

September 2, 2004 -- ACLU Urges Police Departments to Shun "Stun Guns"

August 27, 2004 -- ACLU Files Free Speech Suit On Behalf of Rejected Teacher Applicant in Lincoln

August 10, 2004 -- Court Rules that Trial Can Proceed in ACLU's Racial Profiling Suit Against Scituate Police

August 9, 2004 -- National ACLU Targets CVS in Privacy Campaign; New Report Shows Government Using Businesses to Collect Personal Data

July 29, 2004 -- ACLU, Alleging Free Speech Violations, Sues Coventry Fire District for Third Time

July 28, 2004 -- On 25th Anniversary of Court Decision, ACLU Says DMV Still Provides Misinformation About Name Change Rights

July 20, 2004 -- ACLU Files Brief in Support of Sanctioned Attorneys in Cornel Young, Jr. Civil Rights Case

July 19, 2004 -- ACLU Files Complaint With Justice Department Over Lack of Court Interpreters For Defendants

June 30, 2004 -- ACLU Settles Case With Woonsocket Police Department Over Illegal Strip Search

June 14, 2004 -- ACLU Defends Immigrant Imprisoned for Three Years While Awaiting Deportation

May 27, 2004 -- ACLU Calls on URI to Halt Censorship of Professor's Website

May 6, 2004 -- Settlement Agreement Reached In ACLU Free Speech Lawsuit Against Tiverton School Committee

April 29, 2004 -- Court Rules for Female Firefighter in Discrimination Case

March 17, 2004 -- ACLU Challenges Political Canvassing Restrictions in Johnston

March 1, 2004 -- Governor's Ill-Conceived “Homeland Security” Bill Prompts Legislation to Repeal Anti-Free Speech Statutes

February 27, 2004 -- ACLU Defends Roger Williams University College Republicans From Possible Charter Revocation Over Scholarship Controversy

February 25, 2004 -- Court Rejects Racial Profiling Appeal

February 23, 2004 -- Civil Rights Groups Introduce Comprehensive Legislation To Address Racial Profiling

February 17, 2004 -- ACLU Analysis Calls Governor's “Homeland Security” Bill “Extraordinarily Dangerous”

February 12, 2004 -- ACLU Calls For Change to Open Records Law in Response to Death of South Kingstown Man

January 22, 2004 -- ACLU Files Additional Brief in Senate Redistricting Appeal

January 5, 2004 -- ACLU Challenges Providence Appeal of Liability in Racial Profiling Case

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