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2005 News Releases

December 22, 2005 -- Contempt Motion Filed Against Anthony Fire District Chief

December 16, 2005 -- U.S. Military Monitored Rhode Island Protest Activity; RI ACLU Demands Investigation

November 22, 2005 -- ACLU Sues Over Highway Billboard Restrictions

November 17, 2005 -- State Advisory Promotes Students' Right to Privacy From Military Recruiters

November 14, 2005 -- Traffic Stop Statistics Document Both Racial Profiling and Poor Police Work, ACLU Report Concludes

November 7, 2005 -- ACLU Criticizes Barrington School Decision to Ban Home-Grown Film From the Classroom

November 2, 2005 -- ACLU Warns that Basic Civil Liberties Protections Missing Should Flu Outbreak Strike Rhode Island

October 7, 2005 -- Access to Internet Materials at Public Libraries Increased

October 5, 2005 -- ACLU Files Open Record Lawsuit Against Foster-Glocester School District

September 27, 2005 -- ACLU Seeks Review of Questionable Abstinence-Only-Until-Marriage Curriculum in Rhode Island Public Schools

September 21, 2005 -- Groups File Court Brief Challenging State Raid of Indian Smoke Shop

September 14, 2005 -- ACLU Criticizes Criminal Checks of Katrina Evacuees

August 31, 2005 -- Students' Rights to Withhold Information from Military Recruiters Not Being Adequately Protected, ACLU Survey Finds

August 19, 2005 -- Following Criticism from the ACLU and Others, U.S. District Court Will Amend Proposed Rule

August 18, 2005 -- ACLU Asks Coventry School Committee to Discontinue Restrictive Public Comment Policy

August 8, 2005 -- Statistics on Traffic Stop Racial Profiling Show Backsliding, ACLU Report Finds

June 7, 2005 -- ACLU and Other Groups Criticize Attorney General for Ducking Reporters' Shield Law Case

June 6, 2005 -- ACLU Files Court Brief in Support of Mayor Laffey's Radio Show Lawsuit

June 1, 2005 -- ACLU Files Open Records Lawsuit Against North Smithfield

May 23, 2005 -- ACLU Sues Over DMV Driver's License Procedures for Immigrants

May 18, 2005 -- Rhode Island ACLU Files Request to Uncover Spy Documents After National ACLU Exposes FBI and Police Spying on Political Groups

May 16, 2005 -- ACLU Applauds Court Ruling on Police Liability for High Speed Chase

May 3, 2005 -- Police Departments Not Abiding By 2004 Law Against Racial Profiling, ACLU Report Finds

May 2, 2005 -- ACLU Calls on Board of Elections to Reverse Laffey Radio Show Ruling

April 27, 2005 -- Groups Urge Swift Collection of Evidence in Carpio Arrest

April 15, 2005 -- ACLU Settles Challenge to Political Canvassing Restrictions in Johnston

April 11, 2005 -- Appeals Court Reverses Sanctions Against Attorneys in Cornel Young, Jr. Civil Rights Case

March 31, 2005 -- Research Shows Racial Profiling Persists in RI Traffic Enforcement; ACLU Plans Response

March 28, 2005 -- ACLU Sharply Criticizes Proposed Rules Denying Compensation To Certain Victims of Violent Crimes

March 23, 2005 -- Under Threat of ACLU Lawsuit, Providence School Reinstates Student Suspended For Photographing Principal

March 8, 2005 -- ACLU Calls on Attorney General To Withdraw Opinion Allowing Public Meetings By Telephone

February 16, 2005 -- Latest North Smithfield Discrimination Case Resolved

February 10, 2005 -- Tiverton Gay Marriage Benefits Case Settled

February 3, 2005 -- Settlement Reached in Racial Profiling Claim Against Scituate Police

January 6, 2005 -- Ten Commandments Monument Removed From City Park

January 5, 2005 -- ACLU Urges Governor Not to Revisit Unconstitutional Roadblocks

January 3, 2005 -- ACLU Represents Same-Sex Couple in Insurance Benefits Case


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