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2007 News Releases

December 17, 2007 -- ACLU Files Civil Rights Complaint Against DHS For Lack of Adequate Interpreter Services, Violation of Consent Agreement

December 4, 2007 -- ACLU Releases Report Charging That Governor Carcieri is Promoting A "Politics of Division" On Civil Rights Issues

November 28, 2007 -- ACLU Says State Layoffs Of Interpreters May Violate Agreement With Federal Government

October 31, 2007 -- Report Finds Police Departments Fail to Post Complaint Forms and Procedures Online, In Violation of Racial Profiling Law

October 22, 2007 -- Community and Civil Rights Groups Condemn Governor's Comments on Immigrants

September 25, 2007 -- ACLU Announces Settlement In Suit Against Rhode Island College For Censoring Reproductive Rights Sign Display

September 18, 2007 -- New Law Sending Juveniles to Adult Court Affects Student Aid; ACLU Asks Higher Ed Board to Revise Policies

September 13, 2007-- ACLU Files Open Records Lawsuit Against Providence Police Department Over Video Surveillance Policies

September 7, 2007 -- ACLU Raises Censorship Concerns About D.O.C. Proposal to Restrict Media Interviews With Inmates

September 6, 2007 -- Report Documents Widespread Violations of Open Records Law; Calls for Stronger Legislative Reform

August 15, 2007 -- Groups Sharply Criticize Governor For Attack on Current Divorce Laws

August 9, 2007 -- ACLU Seeks Review of Police Department Medical Policies in Light of Custodial Death of Brazilian National

August 6, 2007 -- Lawsuit Challenges Town's Removal of Congressional Candidate's Political Signs

July 30, 2007 -- Court Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Challenging Inmate Preaching Ban at ACI

July 26, 2007 -- Blacks and Hispanics Disproportionately Jailed in Rhode Island, National Report Indicates

July 16, 2007 -- Settlement Reached with General Treasurer on Suit Over Rules Denying Compensation to Certain Victims of Violent Crimes

May 23, 2007 -- Judge Orders Release of Central Falls Police Shooting Record

May 7, 2007 -- Groups Call On Public Schools to Reject "Dangerous" Sex Education Program

May 3, 2007 -- ACLU Files Suit to Obtain Central Falls Police Shooting Records

April 30, 2007 -- ACLU Brief Challenges Legality of Truancy Courts

April 9, 2007  -- Appeals Court Overturns Ban on Inmate Preaching at Christian Services

February 6, 2007 -- ACLU Calls Rhode Island College Position That It Is Not Subject to The Constitution "Shocking"

January 22, 2007 -- ACLU Objects to Intrusive Licensing Forms Proposed by Department of Business Regulations

January 19, 2007 -- Commissioner of Education Overturns Ban of Student Yearbook Photo

January 8, 2007 -- ACLU Files "Racial Profiling" Lawsuit Against State Police for Illegal Detention of Guatemalans in I-95 Stop

January 4, 2007 -- ACLU Report Documents Continued Racial Profiling Problems in Rhode Island; Calls for Changes in Police Practices


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