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2008 News Releases

December 31, 2008 -- ACLU To Appeal Dismissal of "Racial Profiling" Lawsuit Against State Police

December 23, 2008 -- Secret Court Proceedings on the Horizion, RI ACLU Warns

December 4, 2008 -- ACLU Sues North Smithfield Police for Refusing to Release Arrest Report

December 1, 2008 -- ACLU Charges Wyatt Detention Facility With Misleading Public on Death of Immigrant Detainee

November 25, 2008 -- Settlement Reached in Political Sign Case

November 3, 2008 -- ACLU Files Contempt Motion Against Governor Over Immigration Executive Order

October 29, 2008 -- ACLU Sues East Providence for Discriminatory Treatment of Job Applicant Due to Disability

October 15, 2008 -- RI ACLU Distributes Voting Rights Card

October 14, 2008 -- Restraining Order Issued Against West Warwick Political Sign Ordinance

October 9, 2008 -- ACLU Challenges West Warwick Political Sign Ordinance And Its Selective Enforcement Against Local Critic

October 1, 2008 -- ACLU and Common Cause Seek to Prevent Disqualification of Eligible Voters on November 4th

September 29, 2008 -- ACLU Agrees to Represent Family of Chinese Detainee Who Died at Wyatt Detention Facility

September 11, 2008 -- ACLU Sues Board Of Elections Over November Election Day Voting

September 3, 2008 -- ACLU Sues Governor Over Executive Order on Immigration

August 20, 2008 -- ACLU Sues Governor for "Knowing and Willful" Violation of Open Records Law

August 5, 2008 -- Court Strikes Down Law Used to Remove Candidate's Political Signs

June 11, 2008 -- ACLU Issues Report Opposing Continued Use of "Red Light Cameras"

May 23, 2008 -- ACLU Sues Narragansett Over "Orange Sticker" Policy

March 13, 2008 -- DMV Withdraws Social Security Card Demand

March 4, 2008-- Organizations Respond to Two Deaths in February at the Hands of the Police

February 14, 2008 -- ACLU Sues DMV Over Social Security Card Demand

February 1, 2008 --  ACLU Files Court Brief In Support Of Attorney General's Right to Speak Out In Lead Paint Case

January 22, 2008 -- ACLU Commends Revised Prison Rules That Protect The Public's Right To Know

January 14, 2008 -- ACLU Criticizes Attorney General For Defending Phone Companies Over Consumers in Privacy Battle

January 7, 2008 -- ACLU Issues Alarm About Middletown Plan To Electronically Monitor School Children

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